Use a Typhoon Air Intake System to Boost Engine Performance

Typhoon Air Intake SystemThe performance of any engine is impacted by the air that it sucks in during its operations. The quality of the air can also make a substantial difference, with cold air offering the most efficiency. This is due to the higher density of cold air which will have oxygen molecules bound to each other, and this results in an improvement in engine performance.  

It is easy to find a number of air intake systems that can be fitted on to your car to improve its engine performance and one of these is the Typhoon air intake system. Modern cars and all other four wheeled vehicles with engines have air intake systems that are made up of a number of parts. Some systems will be simple, while others will be very complicated and have intake manifolds that direct air into different cylinders, which allows the engines to develop more power.

Most air intake systems like the Typhoon air intake system will have an air filter, a mass flow sensor and a throttle body. There are manufacturers who include silencers as part of the air intake, but this does impede the flow of air and hence affect the engine efficiency and the power output. That is why people who are concerned with engine performance will elect to remove silencers. This does lead to greater power, though it does make for noisier cars. The sensor judges the temperature of the air while it allows cold air to enter through the flap and a filter before it reaches the air flow meter. These meters have hot wires that cool down when the cold air passes over them. This decreases their resistance and this will result in higher voltage which acts to adjust the fuel and air mixture. This operation takes just a few milliseconds but can have a great effect on engine performance. The throttle chamber controls the flow of air into the engine, while the air through a bypass chamber adjusts the speed of the engine.     

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Installation of a Typhoon air intake system is quite affordable and can increase the horse power of an engine and its fuel efficiency. This allows a car owner to get the maximum performance out of a car. Most of the units of this air intake system are custom made to suit a particular make of car and its particular year of manufacture. It is said that performance of an engine can improve by as much as 15 horsepower. When you select this air intake system you have the choice of using the style called short ram which forces air into the engine through a very short intake tube. A longer intake tube will run through the wheel well and give the coolest air. You can opt for a style that allows you to configure the intake to either of the two styles above, and this helps you to have a very versatile engine. Filters installed in this intake are reusable after washing. Installation does not take more than an hour and a half and can add to a person’s driving experience.

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